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A long buried in the folkSelf confidence can be for the state and society Crack a multi - channel world class major problem of citizens     

Immigration applications


Dear your country, the Consulate General


I love my motherland,But the domestic use of the human body system and a variety of incredible threshold,I am looking for a variety of channels, various departments, various agencies,Looking for 17 years,Can not find a normal way to realize the value of life and report negative,I really don't have to waste my life,Helpless me,I have to think of the immigrant country.


中国精英移民美国 、美舰队闯南海、南海困局、战略包围圈 国际军棋张家来、章敬东


The purpose of my immigration:Just for the sake of the study of their hard work,Transformed into a result of the benefit of mankind.。


中国精英移民美国 、美舰队闯南海、南海困局、战略包围圈 国际军棋张家来、章敬东


My personal performance in 2000 included in the "China Talent dictionary",Personal stories have been over 13 different newspapers in various provinces and cities in China,Write their own articles published on the government has repeatedly City Hall Chongqing decision "...

我曾经为长江三峡工程破解过中国水利专家均一筹莫展的重庆库区开县淹没难题,为新疆北疆破解过水资源困局,把一个面临死亡的城市---克拉玛依变成为了“塞外江南”;我为重庆市拿出过非常著名的“渝新欧国际通道”和贵州省“贵广高铁” 、河南省“郑渝高铁”等棋局;为重庆提出了在全国著名的区域经济“1小时经济圈”和河南省“中原经济区”和“中通战略”;重庆高速公路“三环十射”、铁路“米”字型构架,贵州省铁路“三纵三横”布局等,云南省“香格里拉” 旅游王牌的打出;重庆城市宣传的卫视《鸟瞰新重庆》等……就出自我的手笔。#p#分页标题#e#

I have for the Yangtze River Three Gorges Project cracked Chinese water conservancy experts in Cho,For North Xinjiang cracked water predicament, A dying city ---- Karamay to Yining "" I have come up with a very famous "Chongqing New Europe International channel",Guizhou province and the "Guiguang High-speed Rail", Henan province "iron Zheng Yugao" game;Chongqing proposed a well-known regional economy, 1 hours of economic circle" Henan Province, "Central Plains Economic Zone" and "China through strategy";Chongqing expressway "three ring ten shot",Railway "meter" font structure,Guizhou Railway "three vertical and three horizontal" layout,Yunnan Province, Shangri La tourism trump card,A Bird's Eye View of New Chongqing……From my hand.。


中国精英移民美国 、美舰队闯南海、南海困局、战略包围圈 国际军棋张家来、章敬东


I not only for Water Science、And to the ocean engineering、Deep research on the atmospheric circulation and so on.

中国精英移民美国 、美舰队闯南海、南海困局、战略包围圈 国际军棋张家来、章敬东


I have found many departments or authorities in China.,In the country suffered the biggest confusion and humiliation。Find the Department are not practical, just retreat。They are in the "echo what the books say",Principle "rigid and rigid",The only "dogmatism",Completely ignoring the practical abilit

中国精英移民美国 、美舰队闯南海、南海困局、战略包围圈 国际军棋张家来、章敬东


Many of my research results in the past. Encounter is:Not to speak out, they are skeptical. Unattended;At the end of hills and rivers have no doubt the case ,To give up their own results to the relevant departments,Once issued, is yangruhukou, A white wedding dress for others free lunch, Their intellectual property is not protected. I don't owe society, No white wedding dress for duty!#p#分页标题#e#


中国精英移民美国 、美舰队闯南海、南海困局、战略包围圈 国际军棋张家来、章敬东


中国精英移民美国 、美舰队闯南海、南海困局、战略包围圈 国际军棋张家来、章敬东


Knowledge is valuable, I would like to turn my research into real results, Get the reward,It seems that only through the use of a foreign country of the channel! If you can through your academic and industrial research platform,Once the results are feasible, You can use these results to the price sold back to China, I believe it will be able to realize the mutual benefit and win-win cooperation between your count...


I apply to come to your country, mainly to do a few things :One is the "car life shield" that can be done to reduce the traffic accident. One thing is to crack the dilemma of China's water resources strategy"。And so on the current national scientists can not do, thinking ability is not up to the major rese...


Today, there are 1500000000 cars in the world. If you only make $10 per unit, Is the 15 billion big industry, It can make a medium-sized country economy on the road!


Water environment:At present, China has become the world's 13 most dry countries! Per capita water resources is only less than 1/4 of the world's per capita amount. China water conservancy experts to the hair from the hair of tycoons, Now take the solution for the not be nonplussed over sth. effective, Severe shortage of water resources, The Chinese nation has become a disease in our very vitals "" And I, however, have cracked the problem!


I am looking for many government departments, all cold stern manner。I'm confused now:If I feel at ease,Of course, more than two thousand dollars to the poor total wages will be stable,However, my negative, my ambition, my life value, are ruined,In this life, it will never be far away。I don't want to live like grass, Must not have, only to find a breakthrough to go abroad


The dog is not too poor, not mislike mother ugly, I just want to change a piece of soil to realize my hokoku Zhi.


中国精英移民美国 、美舰队闯南海、南海困局、战略包围圈 国际军棋张家来、章敬东


I, be able to solve the problem for this Chinese 162000000000 cubic meters of water ,Perhaps, this is the only water resource in the whole China to help, And the only hope. Once solved the problem. China 2620000 square kilometers of desert,Average annual per square kilometer can get 63000 cubic meters of fresh water supply ,The desert of the whole China will become an oasis of life. China's arable land area will be increased from today's 1800000000 acres to 5700000000 acres, The living space of the Chinese nation will expand two times and a half 。China's productivity center of gravity will thus achieve balanced layout,Great progress in the development of the western region. China's population pressure will also be fully released! Once the entire desert of moisture,Dust storms will be completely lost in China ,China under the world satellite map,Will be the beautiful green mountains and rivers
The survival of the Chinese people's living environment will also be a major change in the epic.


A man's life is limited, after all. If I continue to be buried in the land, It is not only the pain of my personal life, but also the pain of the whole Chinese nation!


Is the horse, should gallop in the vast universe! Can not be reluctant to part with a grass and lost a grassland ;Is the eagle, you should fly in Gao Tian,Not to love one on the rabbit lost sky!


“Thousand soldiers get easily,a will difficult beg.” I hope your country will be able to understand the helplessness and pain of the heart!



Applicant: Zhang Jingdong


Contact phone: 13896611***       2015-9-12
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